Hourglass concept with a big advantage, no price changes. In short, reinvest without fear of a dump and build a stack that also gives you dividends. We follow Pyrabank's road only at Ethereum.

  • Decentralized

    No human actions. Everything is regulated by a smart contract that can never be changed.

  • Full Control

    You are in full control of your wallet. No one else, not even the owners of the website.

  • Forever

    Even if this website no longer exists, you can still manage your account and nothing is lost. A smart contract is there forever.

  • Dump Protection

    Because the 8TH token has a fixed buy and sell price, you can never lose more than just the fees that you pay.

You are never too late! The power of a fixed price

Dump gets the same meaning as pump, only dividends. You earn just as much about pumps as dumps without the value of your tokens crashing.

How does it work?

Entry fee distribution

When someone decides to participate, 23% of the total amount is deducted from fees. The entry fee of 13% and the exit fee of 10%.

10% of the entry fee is distributed as Ethereum dividends to all token holders. The size of that share differs per person, depending on the total number of tokens that someone owns.

The more tokens you have, the greater your 10% share.

Exit fee distribution

The exit fee is immediately deducted together with the entry fee. However, these fees are only distributed when the person in question sells his tokens.

The advantage of taking all fees immediately is that the token value that you see is actually the value that you ultimately retain.

The distributions are all done automatically by the smart contract without any human actions.
The entry and exit fees are deducted directly from your purchase. The sell fee will only be distributed if you actually sell your tokens
Entry fee
Transfer fee
Exit fee
The total fee amount that you pay on your investment is 23%. You cannot lose more than this percentage because your tokens always remain worth the same.

The entry fee consists of 10% that is distributed as rewards, 1% server fee, 1% is used to feed partners, 0.5% for our developer and 0.5% for promotional purposes.

Terms and Conditions

Always be aware that this is an investment game and not a real investment platform.
This is an entertainment game and should also be used that way. Don't play with more Ethereum than you can afford.
Neither the makers nor the owners are responsible for any loss of any kind. This website is only for 18+.
By playing you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.